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  • Create a Custom Blend for specific physical, spiritual or emotional issues.
  • Choose from hundreds of essential oils, and utilize the intuitive and practical knowledge experienced aroma alchemists.
  • Comes with a customized label.
  • Email to work out the details of your Custom Blend, before selecting the agreed upon amount to pay (minimum $35).

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Customer Reviews

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Ann Klaft (Grosse Pointe, US)
Always top notch and full of LOVE

I ordered several oils in this latest order.

I wanted to see the difference between geraniums, so I got one of each, Egyptian geranium and the O.G. rose geranium.

After deeply ‘drinking in’ the scents from both, the conclusion is that both oils are high quality and super heavenly.

I would best describe the two, one like a medium bolder tipped pen and the other a fine point pen…in the way the aroma physically hits the nostril.

The Egyptian Geranium being the fuller, bolder of the two and the organic rose geranium, being the subtler, gentler of the two and also with a hint of sweetness reminiscent of a songbird.

The rose geranium may be better for those more easily overwhelmed by the strength of various aromas, but I did not find either overpowering by any means.

Both extremely blissful and high vibrational, I found I prefer the Egyptian over the organic rose, but both are absolutely wonderful.

I found it brought me back to awareness in a heartbeat. I also notice it helps to release emotions that want to come out, but are a little stop/start. It helps to open it up more fully for that cleansing waterfall release.

Geranium (either variety) is one of my favorite oils to unlock and nurture the heart and emotional energy especially surrounding relationships.

I also danced with the 3 pack of frankincense and I am in LOVE with the frankincense papyrifera, all 3 are amazing. This strain is a little bit sweeter almost like it has some orange/tangerine notes. Definitely has a different vibe than most frankincense and my nose is in love with this variety.

In addition, I received a custom blend that I like to use consisting of spearmint, basil, and lemon. I really enjoyed communicating with the customer service dept. They were very helpful, loving, and kind and expertly blended and infused the oils together in one powerful little vial. I am very happy with my custom “refresh” blend.

I always have such amazing service from Miracles Botanicals and the oils never disappoint. Top notch. Fast shipping taboot!

Grateful for all the oils. My emotional body thanks you!!

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