Yarrow Hydrosol - Miracle Botanicals Essential Oils
Yarrow Hydrosol - Miracle Botanicals Essential Oils
Yarrow Hydrosol - Miracle Botanicals Essential Oils
Yarrow Hydrosol - Miracle Botanicals Essential Oils

Yarrow Hydrosol (Achillea Millefolium)


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  • Botanical Name: Achillea Millefolium
  • Plant Part: Flowers
  • Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled
  • Country of Origin: Bulgaria
  • Color/Consistency: Clear Blue Color and very thin, water-like consistency
  • Aroma: Herbaceous, like "Puppy Breath"

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Our Yarrow Hydrosol is a gentler, more hydrating alternative to our Yarrow Essential Oil. You can use this spray directly on your body or as an ambient mist to create a therapeutic atmosphere in your home or workspace.


Yarrow is a perennial flowering plant found in Asia, Europe, and North America. Its essential oil has been used to stop bleeding, but also in tea and cooking, for centuries. The main compound found in yarrow is chamazulene, with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Our customers use our Yarrow Hydrosol as a natural astringent and to help with circulation.

The Yarrow Hydrosol is a gentler astringent than the pure essential oil, and helps tighten skin and regulate acne. Using this hydrosol on painful joints can also help decrease pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis, as well as improve circulation throughout the body.


About Hydrosols:

A natural byproduct of essential oil distillation, hydrosols are becoming more widely used as a gentle counterpart to traditional essential oils....


During the process of steam distilling essential oils, the smaller essential oil molecules become suspended in the steam water instead of floating to the top where the essential oils are collected. After the essential oils are collected, the remaining steam water with suspended essential oil molecules is known as the essential oil hydrosol. Hydrosols carry the same energetic imprint and therapeutic properties as essential oils, while being much gentler and in many cases more suitable for applying directly to the skin.


Hydrosols are refreshing and light. They have a slight aroma compared to essential oils. They are great for cooling off, toning the skin, rebalancing emotionally and gently benefiting from the therapeutic properties of the essential oil.


Properties: Astringent, Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Antipyretic, Antiseptic, Antispasmodic, Cicatrisant, Cooling, Febrifuge

Specific Benefits of Yarrow Hydrosol:


Skin & Wound Care

As a mild antibacterial and astringent, this hydrosol can be helpful for balancing out oily or acne-prone skin, or cooling you off on a hot, humid day. Its properties are also helpful for dermal infections and cleaning wounds. It has also been known to stop bleeding.


Aches, Cramps & Joint Pain

Yarrow is a wonderful anti-inflammatory, and is also antispasmodic for the digestive, reproductive, and muscular systems, used topically or internally. This hydrosol has been used successfully to ease the discomfort associated with painful menstrual cycles, hemorrhoids, and postpartum healing. Yarrow can also be used in a compress (especially combined with Goldenrod) to balance excess fluid in the joints, easing rheumatic pain.


Balance Fluid in the Body

Yarrow Hydrosol can be used in a compress to stabilize fluids in the body and gets rid of excess water without being diuretic.



Yarrow has been used for centuries in many different forms to help reduce or break a fever. It is very cooling for the body, and may also ease aches and pains associated with a cold or flu.



Yarrow hydrosol has been shown to improve the digestion of fatty foods and quickly relieve indigestion and heartburn associated with overindulgence. 


Varicose Veins

Yarrow's anti-inflammatory properties can be very helpful for reducing varicose veins. Use in a compress on its own, or in combination with our Varicose Vein Tonic.


Energetic Cleansing

Like the oil, this hydrosol is highly energetic and good for spiritual or distance work. Use in combination with Juniper Berry for cleansing the aura, crystals, or work spaces.

What Are Hydrosol (And Why Would You Use Them)?

Compress for Joint Pain

2oz Yarrow Hydrosol

15 drops Goldenrodessential oil

Mix essential oil into hydrosol, apply to cloth, and press into the area. Let sit on the area for at least 15 minutes. Can also be used as a spray, but appears to be more effective when the damp cloth can sit on the skin for a longer period of time.


Energetic Cleansing Spray

1-2 oz Yarrow Hydrosol

2 Tbsp Witch Hazel

10 drops Juniper Berry essential oil

5 drops Lemongrass essential oil

5 drops Pink Grapefruit essential oil

5 drops Rosemary Cineole essential oil


*Shake well before spraying.

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