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Christmas Tree Blend Spritzer - Room & Body Spray


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  • Plant Part: Needles, Leaves, Twigs, Berries
  • Color/Consistency: Clear with Thin Consistency
  • Aroma: Piney, Woody, Fresh 
  • 2oz Spray Bottle

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This Christmas Tree Spritzer is a combination of our Christmas Tree blend along with distilled water and Witch Hazel that captures the the heart and soul of the holidays in the form of a spray that you can use without discretion! Feel free to spritz this misty concotion all over yourself and throughout your home or office space to spread feelings of merriment and earthiness. This woodsy, camphorous, aromatic water makes a great facial toner and can gently freshen and uplift your space, while sumultaneoulsy calming, grounding and disinfecting. This spritizer is gentle, which means it can be used by (almost) all ages and sensitivities.

Disinfect...Christmas Tree blend Spritzer is particularly useful for cleansing and clearing the air and adding respiratory support during the time of year when congestion, cold and flu are rampant.

Skin Care...This spritzer is perfect for dry, dull skin. Great for immunity, decreasing inflammation and supporting and opening capilaries and reducing the signs of aging. 

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Customer Reviews

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Christmas tree rocks

Christmas in a bottle piney freshness.

Happy Christmas

Great for the holidays smells just like a tree. Love it

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