5 Aphrodisiac Essential Oils for Libido and Love

5 Aphrodisiac Essential Oils for Libido and Love

Hope Johnson
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There are many benefits of essential oils, including relaxing muscles, reducing anxiety, relieving headache pain, improving sleep, boosting your mood, and much more. But did you know that some essential oils work as an aphrodisiac?

Aphrodisiac Essential Oils for Love, Romance and Libido

There are several essential oils that can help set the mood for intimacy, making them a great choice for date night, special occasions, or any time you want to get in the mood.

The Aphrodisiac Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used to help boost sexual desire, pleasure, and performance. Since they have fewer side effects and generally cost less than pharmaceuticals, they are popular choices to help improve a person’s sex life. For example, essential oils can help with issues of erectile dysfunction and improve orgasms (Cirino, 2021). They can also help you relax, heighten your senses, and calm your mind.

The best essential oils are high-quality oils. You’ll want to choose ones that are sold in small, dark bottles (since light and heat can damage essential oils) that are clearly labeled. When buying, make sure all the important information about the oil is listed, including the plant part, the method and country of origin, and the main components.

Try Essential Oils for Calming Anxiety...

Often, people have trouble getting into the mood because they’re anxious, stressed, or unable to relax. By using essential oils for anxiety relief, you can improve your state of mind and feel more comfortable.

Try using neroli essential oil for anxiety relief. It has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, and even help with anxiety-induced depression. This is because it helps the brain release serotonin (which helps stabilize your mood) while also reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol (Whelan, 2019).

In fact, studies have even shown that neroli oil aromatherapy can relieve anxiety and perceived pain during labor (Scandurra C, 2022 Feb 14)!

By using calming essential oils, you put yourself in a more positive state of mind, and that can help you relax and enjoy romance and sexual activity more.

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Which Essential Oils are Useful as Aphrodisiacs?

There are many essential oil benefits that can help you set the mood, improve your sexual performance, and enjoy sex more, including:

    • Cinnamon
      • Studies have shown that cinnamon can help in cases of erectile dysfunction(Onder A, 2019 Sep-Oct). This is because it can induce relaxation. (We have real cinnamon oil...much of the cinnamon spices and oils are really cassia, and not true cinnamon)
    • Hawaiian Sandalwood
      • Hawaiian sandalwood has many benefits, and it is a popular essential oil due to its pleasing smell and calming properties.
      • Studies have shown that santalols, which are present in Hawaiian sandalwood, have a relaxing and even sedative effect(H.Okugawa1R.Ueda1K.Matsumoto1K.Kawanishi2A.Kato2, 1995). This can help you calm down, relax, and enjoy romantic moments more.
      • A study released in 2006 found that sandalwood and santalol improved self-ratings of arousal, including alertness, attentiveness, calmness, mood, relaxation, and vigor (Heuberger, 2006).
    • Bulgarian Rose
      • Bulgarian rose oil has been shown to release dopamine in the brain, which alleviates symptoms of depression and increases sexual desire(Joy Stanborough, 2019).
      • In addition, a 2014 study found that rose oil reduced the cramping pain that comes before or during a period(H. Sadeghi Aval Shahr, 2015).
    • Agarwood (OUD)
      • Agarwood aka OUD essential oil is frequently used for incense and aromatherapy, primarily for its deep spiritual benefits and for its intoxicating aroma. Studies have shown that it could be beneficial in treatment of sleep disorders(Wang S, 2017 Dec 9). When you are more rested and better able to relax, you’re more likely to have a positive mood and this can help increase your sexual desire and enjoyment.
    • King & Queen Essential Oil Blend
      • The Miracle Botanicals King & Queen blend features both agarwood and Bulgarian rose to reduce tension and stress and help you get into a more positive and romantic mood.
      • These two oils are known as the king (agarwood) and queen (rose) of essential oils. The alchemy of these two essential oils is even more striking, calming, and invigorating than they are on their own. 

    How to Use Essential Oils as Aphrodisiacs

    There are many ways to use essential oils to boost your mood and improve your sexual experience. Once of the most common is using them in a diffuser. You can diffuse many oils and, as you breathe them in, this will immediately trigger a response by stimulating your body’s central nervous system (Cleveland Clinic, 2021).

    Many essential oils can also be used as part of a massage. This can be an excellent way to get in the mood, relax, and enjoy time with your partner. However, you may want to test the oils on a small area to ensure that you don’t have a negative reaction and mix them with a carrier oil to reduce the likelihood of irritation.  

    All of the essential oils referenced above can be dabbed directly on the skin, except perhaps cinnamon. Cinnamon is a hot oil and is therefore best in dilution for most people, but some of us (myself included) enjoy a drop on the tongue, and the warmth of a small amount applied to the neck, soles of the feet, or wrists.


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