Cleanse the Home and Heart with Nootka Tree Essential Oil

Cleanse the Home and Heart with Nootka Tree Essential Oil

Hope Johnson
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Our homes are sacred spaces in which we are invited to be the truest version of ourselves! Essential oils can offer a holistic remedy that encourages this by purifying our homes with a natural substance that invokes cleansing, refreshing energy. Nootka Tree Essential Oil offers a woodsy and warm essence that invites the cleansing properties of nature into your home and heart.

Nootka Tree Essential Oil (Cupressus Nootkatensis)

Nootka Tree Essential Oil (Cupressus Nootkatensis)


" Botanical Name: Cupressus Nootkatensis Plant Part: Bark Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled Country of Origin: Canada Color/Consistency: Orange-Amber Color with Thin Consistency Aroma: Warm, Woody, Citrusy Perfumery Note: Base to Middle Main Chemical Components: Nootkatene (44.41%), Carvacrol (8.46%), Valencene (7.50%)… read more

When our homes are unclean and filled with clutter, it clogs up the surrounding energy and makes it difficult to live with a sense of stability and assurance. This messiness can mean a direct representation of the clutter inside of your being that is blocking you from having a fulfilled sense of self.

Invite grounding energy with Nootka Tree Essential Oil. Allow this earthy aroma to permeate your home and embrace a new sense of balance into your living space! When our homes are cleansed – energetically and literally – we, too, are able to fully embrace a true essence of vitality, freedom, and joy.

Nootka Essential Oil also has a proven track record of being a powerful insect repellent. Clear your home of pesky insects that infiltrate your space and threaten to disrupt the clean environment that you have cultivated. Insects such as mosquitoes and ticks are no match against the naturally occurring properties in the oil that drive away pests. When combined with other essential oils, such as Citronella and Sweet Basil, and you can create the perfect tool for non-toxic pest control.

We all need an occasional refresher when it comes to our mood and mental well-being, luckily Nootka Tree Essential Oil can provide just that! By allowing it to uplift your senses, it can revitalize the mind with a new energy that invokes the message of clarity and a refreshed sense of self. When brain fog and fatigue are tiring you out way too early in the day, the uplifting properties of Nootka Essential Oil can naturally stimulate the focus and mental sharpness you need.

Breathe new life into your spirit with the purifying essential oil recipes below.

Revitalizing Air Freshener

Breathe in the potent cleansing energy of this refreshing blend.

Place a few drops on a diffuser bracelet, sachet, or fabric throughout the home to inspire an air of freshness. 

Nature’s Cleaning Solution

Make the surfaces in your home extra clean with earthy essential oils that will invite nature’s energy into your space.

Mix ingredients to your liking and store in a spray bottle. Spritz and wipe to clean common household surfaces.

Energy Cleansing Diffusion

During a meditative state, clear any negative energy within by embracing this rejuvenating diffusion.

Experiment by mixing these oils in varying proportions and diffuse away!

Nootka Tree Essential Oil contains natural cleansing properties that benefit your surroundings, as well as the mind and spirit. Invite its refreshing energy into your life by adding this oily wonder into your collection.

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