Oregon Lavender Essential Oil Spotlight

Oregon Lavender Essential Oil Spotlight

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Bask in the revitalizing warmth of summer with Oregon Lavender Essential Oil! Let it provoke comfort for the mind, body, and spirit that encourages relaxation and a divine sense of calm. Its sweet, gentle scent provides a pleasurable aromatic experience to enjoy throughout the seasons. 

oregon lavender essential oil

Oregon lavender fully blooms during the summer season, and one can invoke the warmth of the sun into the mind, body, and spirit when using this oil. Relax your mind and discover a keen sense of comfort that warms and fully envelops your being. Lavender Essential Oil, are commonly used for burn healing, to ease anxiety, subdue depressive mental states, and clear the mind of intrusive negative thoughts. Allow the lulling effects of this oil to provide you with peace. 

Due to its therapeutic properties, those in search of a sleep aid may greatly benefit from this oil! Breathe in Oregon Lavender Essential Oil and imagine yourself in a vast purple field as you calm yourself from the days events a drift into a warm, peaceful slumber…

Physically speaking, Lavender Essential Oil also offers a naturally soothing remedy for pain, discomfort, and inflammation. Lavender is gentle enough to safely be applied directly to the skin and is a popular ingredient in natural remedies to relieve muscle aches and decrease inflamed areas of the body.

Women who find themselves in need of menstrual relief can also benefit from the alleviating properties of this oily powerhouse. Those who experience heavy, painful periods may find ease through an intentional abdominal massage. 

Lavender (Oregon) Essential Oil - Organic (Lavandula Angustifolia)

Lavender (Oregon) Essential Oil - Organic (Lavandula Angustifolia)


Botanical Name: Lavandula Angustifolia Plant Part: Flowering Tops Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled Country of Origin: USA Color/Consistency: Clear with Thin Consistency Aroma: Warm, Crisp, Sweet, Herbaceous, Gentle Perfumery Note: Middle Main Chemical Components: Linalool (37.06%), Linalyl acetate (27.60%), beta-Caryophyllene (3.94%)     … read more

Enjoy the soothing benefits of Lavender Essential Oil with these lovely recipes!

Lullaby and Goodnight Diffusion

Coax yourself to sleep by breathing in this calming diffusion blend before bed.

Muscle Ache Bathing Blend

Fill your tub with warm water and add several drops to your bath to soothe sore muscles and reduce pain.

Menstrual Massage Serum

Ease menstrual discomfort with this potent blend made to reduce inflammation and relieve cramps.

Gently massage onto the abdominal muscles. 

Lavender Essential Oil is an agent of Summer’s relaxation and warmth. Invite this oil into your collection if you would like to enjoy the full oily benefits of all that Oregon’s lavender fields have to offer.

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