Essential Oils to Induce Labor

Essential Oils to Induce Labor

Hope Johnson
1 minute read

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Many of us have probably heard that there are certain essential oils that should be avoided during pregnancy, but did you know that you can also use essential oils to induce labor?

Several essential oils have been shown to stimulate contractions. Though we don't want any contractions happening prematurely when we are pregnant, these same oils can sometimes be very helpful and supportive during the actual labor process!

One of the oils that has the most research to back it up is Jasmine essential oil! Our Jasmine is Co2-extracted and comes pre-diluted for immediate application.

This is a gentle essential oil for mama and baby. It's already diluted to 10% for easy application. All you need is an inhalation of the oil to stimulate pain relief, strengthen contractions, and shorten the duration of labor.

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