It’s Lime Time!

It’s Lime Time!

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Often times overlooked amongst essential oil enthusiasts due to its commonality, Lime Essential Oil is an extremely useful essence that serves as a powerful weapon in your arsenal against premature aging, aches and pains, bacterial and viral infections and all-around general health issues. It is also a very effective disinfectant and has been used as a food preservative for centuries throughout many cultures. Its uplifting, refreshing scent along with its antiseptic and antibacterial properties make this oil a popular ingredient in many natural cleaning products as well.

Originally Lime was native to South-East Asia, but after a spurt of popularity and the introduction of the species to explorers the world over, it spread throughout Africa and Europe. Today, Mexico, Brazil and Spain are the largest producers of this tart green fruit, and it has been made famous for its delicious smell, taste and rich vitamin C content.

The Mexican Lime tree that our essential oil is derived from is a bushy evergreen covered in beautiful white blossoms that develop into the rotund green fruit that houses a rich source of natural antioxidants and nutrients. The process for extracting our oil is very simple, the fresh Lime peels are harvested, and the oil is expressed by means of cold compression, which leaves us with a bright yellow-green essential oil that has a strong citrus scent and a wealth of therapeutic properties.

Medicinally, this essential oil covers all the bases and its applications are extremely wide-ranging. Whether applied topically, diffused, or added as a flavor and nutrient enhancer to your favorite foods, Lime Essential Oil is an easy addition to your daily self-care routine and is sure to bring an air of energy, cheer and healing into your world.            

Lime Essential Oil (Citrus Aurantifolia)

Lime Essential Oil (Citrus Aurantifolia)


  Botanical Name: Citrus Aurantifolia Aroma: Tart, Sweet, Citrus Color/Consistency: Bright Yellow with a Green-Tinge, Thin Consistency Perfumery Note: Top Plant Part: Peel Method of Extraction: Cold Pressed Country of Origin: Mexico Main Chemical Components: Limonene + 1,8-Cineole (52.87%), Sabinene… read more


  •  Emotions: Lime is a great mood enhancer and can help lift your emotional state when you are feeling down or when dark thoughts seem to be getting the better of you. Its tart, bright aroma balances and centers, while creating a feeling of euphoria and of general well-being. This oil also has a knack for reducing stress and anxiety while promoting mental clarity and increasing energy and focus.


  • Skincare: The incredible list of benefits that Lime can offer in regard to your skin health is boundless. Due to its antibacterial properties, Lime Essential Oil can potentially cut healing time in half and can help prevent infections in bites, cuts, scrapes, or burns. Lime is also useful for treating acne and can brighten up your complexion while balancing the appearance of oily skin, as well as reversing the signs of aging while replenishing lost nutrients. This oil can also be very helpful when added to your shampoo to help treat dandruff, along with the itching and dryness associated with scalp sensitivity.


  • Physical: Diffusing the sweet, familiar scent of Lime while you sleep can greatly ease pain associated with arthritis and sore joints, it can also reduce inflammation and the discomfort of chronically painful conditions. In a massage blend, Lime has the same benefits, and will help with the overall condition of your skin as well as the internal functions of your bones and muscles. Another benefit of diffusing Lime is its respiratory implications, because it is a great treatment for congestion and blockage issues caused by the common cold, flu or bronchitis.


  • Spiritual: Lime is opening, clarifying and helps to encourage free expression and the flow of gentle thoughts. When feelings of constriction and melancholy present themselves, diffusing Lime can re-iterate the characteristics of self-love, contentment and bliss. It is a very supportive oil and its smell promotes healing and increases energetic drive.

Chakra Affected...

Seventh Chakra – Crown Chakra

Lime Essential Oil has the ability to enhance perception and reveal truth in cloudy situations. It can open up your minds ability to translate and perceive thoughts and emotions and can reveal any blockages that are obstructing your spiritual path. The process of self-discovery will be aided and illuminated, and you will feel your inner voice becoming clearer and more authentic.

  • Physical color: Green  
  • Oil color: Light Yellow-Green
  • Etheric color: Violet, Green 

Cautions: Considered phototoxic when applied neat to the skin and then exposed to direct sunlight. To reduce this risk, dilute this oil with a carrier oil when applying topically and avoid direct sun exposure for approximately 12 hours. 

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