Low Linalool - New Zealand Lavender Essential Oil

Low Linalool - New Zealand Lavender Essential Oil

Hope Johnson
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Looking for the perfect lavender? Try our New Zealand Lavender Essential Oil

This "True Lavender", Lavandula Angustifolia, from New Zealand is considered the safest form of lavender essential oil.  Steam distilled, with a low Linalool terpene content, this oil is great for those who are more sensitive but still want the benefits and potency of lavender essential oil.

Some of the common ways to use our Lavender Essential Oil are as follows:

  • Soap infusions, spritzers, bath salt, and aromatherapy for calming, purifying, and fragrant qualities.  It is one of the most popular garden herbs, as it has historically been used in both homemade and medicinally prescribed creams, tinctures, teas, and soothing salves. 

  • Sleep support, stress management, healthy living, aromatherapy, and baby care. It supports our systems naturally, by helping us to feel balanced, calm, relaxed.

  • Spiritual practices as well. It's useful in prayer, meditation, therapeutic settings, and spiritual spaces because it brings calm, balance and a comforting aroma, which benefits any practice or space where connection, peace, and tranquility are essential.

  • Emotional stability and balance. Lavender essential oil is commonly indicated by aromatherapists to steady strong emotions, release pent up, dull, stale energy, and allow for life force energy to flow freely through the body.  When used as a heart chakra essential oil, Lavender Essential Oil can help us relax, release stress and worry, stabilize and let go of fear.  In our most relaxed state, we can connect to our heart with more ease, open up to more love in our lives, and promote healing and restoration in all ways.

If you prefer to use Lavender essential oil without a carrier oil, this is the safest Lavender essential oil for that.  Dab, diffuse, and drop anytime; knowing it is potent while still being gentle.  However, for more sensitive individuals, it is always recommended to dilute in a favorite carrier oil. Dilution can also help for full absorption of maximum benefits.

Follow the recipes below for ways to access all the beautiful and gentle ways to use Miracle Botanicals New Zealand Lavender Essential Oil.

Lavender (New Zealand) Essential Oil (Lavandula Angustifolia

Lavender (New Zealand) Essential Oil (Lavandula Angustifolia


  Botanical Name: Lavandula Angustifolia  Plant Part: Flowering Tops Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled Country of Origin: New Zealand  Color/Consistency: Clear with Thin Consistency Aroma: Fresh, Sweet, Floral, Herbaceous Perfumery Note: Middle Main Chemical Components: Linalyl acetate (50.33%), Linalool (12.78%),… read more

Recipe #1


Having trouble sleeping?  Try this simple bedtime trick to make falling and staying asleep a little sweeter.

Put 2 drops of on a pillow case at bedtime and you’ll sooth your way to sleep.  Need a little more of a sleep booster? Put 2 drops on the bottoms of the feet as well!

Recipe #2

Invigorating Shower Scrub

Start the day off balanced, fragrant and invigorated with this fresh shower scrub!

In a small jar or shower safe container, add finely ground coffee, sugar, essential oils and carrier oil and mix.  Scoop a few fingers full and apply to skin to exfoliate, invigorate, and balance energy while supporting health and well-being through gentle self care. 

Recipe #3

Prayer/Meditation Mist

Use this mist before starting a prayer or meditation. Find alignment with ones highest self and blanket the environment in potent aroma.

Mix Essential Oils in a glass spray bottle with spring water.  Use at the beginning of a prayer or meditation practice by spraying in each cardinal direction to clear the space. Feel centered and aligned with the divine when using this blend!

Recipe #4

Universal Chakra Balancing Oil

Feeling out of balance or ungrounded?  Take some time for yourself to recenter using this Universal Chakra Balancing Oil.

Mix in a rollerball, with preferred carrier oil, for on-the-go application, to help in feeling emotionally balanced, energetically strong, rooted and secured; while also smelling delightfully fresh.  This Chakra Balancing Blend can have an energetic ripple effect to those around as well!

Miracle Botanicals New Zealand Lavender Essential Oil is one of the gentlest, most fragrant and some might say MAGICAL essential oils, because it is so powerful and enduring. We invite you to experience the serene, steady and strong enchantment of New Zealand Lavender Essential Oil in your life!

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