Aromatherapy for the Mind: Essential Oils to Improve Your Self-Confidence

Aromatherapy for the Mind: Essential Oils to Improve Your Self-Confidence

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Aroma-Psychology by Julie Nelson:

The word Aromatherapy refers to the clinical use of essential oils usually combined with massage. Other applications are Inhalations, bathing and topical applications such as compressing, poultices and direct applications, all of which can be used in the home environment.

There is so much more to essential oils and their use in a clinical situation and here I will share what I consider to be a valuable tool that you can use to help improve your health and well-being on an emotional level.

Aroma-psychology specifically refers to the use essential oils to have a positive effect on your mind. Incorporating these natural plant pure plant extracts in to our everyday lives can uplift our moods and emotions, strengthen and stimulate our minds, aid in memory enhancement, and boost confidence. This kind of mental stimulation has a direct impact on our daily performance. Many corporations are now using essential oils to assist in improving the performance of their employees. Several years ago a study was carried out in Japan. They used lemon in the air-conditioning unit and found that the typists had made fewer errors. They also used specific oils at the end of the day having a winding down period.

Choosing the Right Essential Oil

Although they have specific properties, I believe that when we are working on an emotional level it is important to take your smell preference into consideration as you are more likely to have a positive response.

It is important to feel connected and enjoy the aroma of your chosen essential oil/s. When you inhale your favorite aromas take notice of how they make you feel emotionally and physically.

Do you instantly smile and feel uplifted?

Does a happy memory surface?

Is it as simple as just feeling good when you inhale your favorite fragrance?

Following are some recommendations to experience and boost your confidence, however if you do not resonate with these, choose ones that you personally favor.

Grapefruit is one of my favorites for me it represents, courage, boldness and confidence. It is a very emotionally uplifting and I often start my day with it.

I find all of the citrus oils to be very encouraging and uplifting ~ Lemon, Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Petitgrain, Mandarin and Neroli. These in particular are excellent for fragile people who tend to worry a lot, experience anxiety, stress and tension. Now that can be all of us at some time in our lives!

Heart oils like Bulgarian Rose Otto, Jasmine, Melissa, Lavender and Ylang Ylang are very supportive they are for self acceptance, self love and love in general. When we come from a place of love we are more confident in our being.

Woody oils like Sandalwood, Cedarwood, and Ho Wood are strengthening and grounding.

Frankincense and Sandalwood are excellent to support us in letting go of obsessive thoughts and being stuck. They help us to move forward.

Then we have Tulsi ~ Holy Basil, Rosemary, and Peppermint these are very emotionally strengthening and energising. They are great for confidence building.

Spicy oils such as Ginger and Clove Bud are strengthening, emotionally warming and invigorating. They add excitement and motivation in to our daily lives.

Most of these essential oils can be used easily and effortlessly through dry inhalations, what I call Aromatherapy on the go! I love using disposable inhalers, they fit into my purse and I can use them whenever I feel like a boost.

Here is a tip for you~ take some time to experience your favourite aromas on their own simply by inhaling them. Write down your feelings and responses in an aromatherapy journal and use this information as a tool for whenever you may feel sad, anxious, stressed lacking confidence and so on.

Wishing you success on your Aromatic journey!

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