Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot Essential Oil

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Bergamot Essential Oil is an especially powerful and enticing citrus oil! Bergamot was named after the Italian city of Bergamo where the plant originally thrives and where the first bergamot essential oil was sold. Bergamot is a powerful uplifting and relaxing oil, which strengthens and boosts ones confidence and security!

The Bergamot fruit grows on trees that grow up to four meters high and bear citrus fruit similar to an orange and grapefruit, however, are green to yellow in color when ripe. The oil has been widely used in perfumery for both men and women's colognes. Today, the oil is still used in many perfumes and colognes and is one of the flavorings used in the ever popular Earl Grey tea! Bergamot is also extremely popular among aromatherapists for its array of healing properties. To name a few, the oil is anti septic, anti-biotic, digestive, disinfectant, antispasmodic, sedative, analgesic, cicatrisant, and vulnerary.

Bergamot Essential Oil (Citrus Bergamia)

Bergamot Essential Oil (Citrus Bergamia)


Botanical Name: Citrus Bergamia Plant Part: Fruit Peels Method of Extraction: Cold Pressed Country of Origin: Italy Color/Consistency: Dark Green-Brown with Thin Consistency Aroma: Fresh, Orange, Citrus, Lemon, and Slightly Floral Scent Perfumery Note: Top Main Chemical Components: Limonene (39.12%),… read more



Emotions: Bergamot Essential Oil consists of Alpha Pinene and Limonene, which are terpenes naturally found in citrus and coniferous essential oils. Both of these components are natural stimulants anti-depressants. They are also stimulants of hormones in the body which helps maintain proper metabolism, thus improving digestion and instilling confidence in ones overall mood. Bergamot essential oil has been proven to soothe nerves, stress, nervous tension, and anxiety, and thus curing ailments associated with such dis-eases. Bergamot also helps relieve one of aggression, grief, and frustration by stimulating the mind and igniting creativity!

Skincare: Bergamot Essential Oil may be used regularly on the skin and hair in order to keep them shiny and free of any disease or infection, as the oil is a natural anti-septic and anti-biotic. The oil can also heal cracks in the skin, eczema, and acne with rapid speed. Bergamot will also help even out the skin tone by evenly distributing pigments and skin melanin. *Note: Bergamot essential oil becomes harmful when exposed to sunlight! The oil must be placed in a dark place away from sunlight and when applied to the skin, one should avoid exposure to sunlight!

Physical: Bergamot essential oil is a very effective anti-biotic and may be used to combat virus, bacteria, and protozoa. The oil may also be used for those experiencing fever, as the oil naturally reduces body temperature, resulting in the reduction of ones fever. Bergamot essential oil is a strong analgesic, which is a substance that reduces pain in the body by reducing sensitivity of the nerves to pain. In cases of experiencing pain, one can apply Bergamot to the affected area. Lastly, Bergamot is a general tonic for the entire body's systems, including the respiratory tract, circulatory system, digestive tract, excretory tract, and nervous system.

Spiritual: Spiritually, Bergamot essential oil provides protection, prosperity, and happiness. The oil will also help to instill inner confidence and inner courage, by igniting trust in the Divine. Bergamot essential oil will also help one to achieve a greater connection with the Divine, by assisting with the release of unwanted thoughts and emotions.

Chakras Affected:

Third Chakra: In the Solar Plexus Chakra, Bergamot essential oil helps support the digestive tract, which helps instill confidence in ones being. Bergamot also relieves pressure from the adrenal glands by relieving tension from the nerves.

Seventh Chakra: In the Crown Chakra, Bergamot essential oil assists with the release of negative thoughts and emotions, such as fear, guilt, and unworthiness. This release is important for one to achieve ultimate crown chakra opening through meditation or other spiritual connection.


Physical Fruit: Yellow to Green

Oil: Green

Etheric: Blue, Green, Magenta, Orange

Contraindications: Bergamot Essential Oil is photo toxic and should not be stored in sunlight! Also, after applied to the skin, one should avoid exposure to sunlight!

Methods of Usage:

Neat: Place a drop or two directly onto clean and intact skin. A couple drops on the wrists, shoulders, temples or neck imparts a beautiful aroma and is an effective remedy for stress and nervous depression. Note: May be too concentrated to be used undiluted on facial skin.

Blended with Carrier: Use 15 drops per 1 TBL of carrier oil such as grapeseed, rosehip, jojoba or hazelnut oils, and massage over any area where you would like for healing to occur.

Bath: Place 8 drops into 3 handfuls of bath salt and disperse, or add 8 drops to vodka or whole milk

Diffusor: Follow diffusor manufacturers instructions, but typically add about 8 drops.

Room Deodorizer: Add 15 drops per 2oz distilled water with Witch Hazel and spray as desired.

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