Hinoki Essential Oil for Mind and Body

Hinoki Essential Oil for Mind and Body

Juliet Meredith
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Hinoki Essential Oil - Miracle Botanicals

Traditionally used in Japan for many years to build a wide variety of structures including temples, shrines, and castles, the wood of the Hinoki cypress tree (Chamaecyparis Obtusa) is the source of Hinoki Essential Oil. In the Japanese heritage, Hinoki has been cultivated and honored as one of the most valuable and beautiful trees in the forest. One can only assume that the oil distilled from such a highly-prized tree would become an equally prized product!

Relief for Mind and Body - Hinoki Essential Oil

With its woodsy aroma and hints of spice and lemon, Hinoki Essential Oil is often used to induce a grounding effect and help relieve stress, anxiety, and tension. The medicinal benefits include boosting immunity, cleansing wounds, reducing inflammation and aiding with muscle and joint pain...

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