Essential Oils for Pain Relief

People often turn to essential oils for pain relief after medications and other methods have failed them. For many, using essential oils may naturally reduce different types of pain and inflammation throughout the body. Today I’ll share how I came to develop Miracle Botanicals Pain Relief Formula as well as our Advanced Pain & Nerve Formula (which includes Cannabis Essential Oil) with the goals of relieving muscle, joint and nerve pain. While I've known many people, even some of my own family members, who were skeptical of using natural essential oils for pain, nearly all who try them became enthusiasts.

Essential Oils for Muscle, Joint & Nerve Pain

When diluting pure essential oils for pain relief, it’s a good idea to keep the potency between 10-20% dilution in a carrier oil. Purchasing a formula of essential oils for muscle and joint pain that is already conveniently pre-diluted is another option especially useful if you're trying them for the first time.  After hearing the stories of the two formulas I’ve created, you can decide whether you would rather purchase one of my blends, make your own, or try something else...

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