The Magic of Rosewood Essential Oil

Rosewood Essential Oil is obtained by being extracted through steam distillation from the Rosewood Tree that grows in Brazil.

Imagine being in a deep, lush emerald forest with enchanting wild roses weaving up tree trunks, emanating an invigorating captivating uplifting yet grounded aroma. Breathing in our rosewood pure essential oil will take you to this magical land in your mind and body no matter where you are.

Rosewood Essential Oil

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Rosewood Essential Oil Brazil

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Its aroma is sweet yet woodsy and spicy, a beautiful balance of deep forest aroma and delicate enticing floral notes.

Rosewood is used in aromatherapy for uplifting, strengthening, spiritual purposes and is also excellent for skincare and facial rejuvenation.

Rosewood is an excellent essential oil to use when dealing with feelings of depression or unpleasant emotions.

The oil takes away depressed feelings and leaves behind feelings of happiness and strength. The oil also stimulates ones feelings and secretion of hormones.

During crisis or high stress situations, the oil can have a very calming and steadying effect on the emotions and nerves, due to the presence of 8-cineole in the oil. 8-cineole is a terpenoid oxide, which has been studied and proven to calm emotions, while stimulating hormones in the body. Along with steadying the nerves, the oil also clears the mind, and has been found very useful during tests and exams.

Rosewood is also used as an aphrodisiac, as it stimulates the body and mind to relax and be free from stress and mental clutter.