What Are Hydrosols (And Why Would You Use Them)?

What Are Hydrosols (And Why Would You Use Them)?

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Hydrosols have a wide assortment of uses, from your body to your bathroom to meditation! People use them everyday as aromatic sprays, anti-inflammatory aids, chakra sprays, water substitutes, and even to help flavor food. The uses of hydrosols are endless, and we at Miracle Botanicals love providing the highest frequency hydrosols to our customers.

How are hydrosols made?
Hydrosols are made through a steam-distilling process using fresh plant materials (flowers, leaves, fruits, etc.). The steam distillation process pulls out the plants water- and oil-soluble elements, and the end result is a large amount of nutrient-rich water topped with a layer of essential oil.

A hydrosol still contains trace amounts of the essential oil, as well as the plants powerful nutrients. This gives hydrosols similar therapeutic effects to essential oils, just in a much less concentrated (and therefore gentle) form.

In fact, there is usually less than 0.2 ml of dissolved essential oil for every liter of hydrosol. The less concentrated levels of essential oil in a hydrosol makes it ideal for everyday use and for use around people with skin or breathing sensitivities.

Why choose hydrosols?

As mentioned above, hydrosols are great for everyday use and are very gentle, thanks to the low concentration of essential plant oils. On top of that, because hydrosols have a lot more water content than oil, you tend to get more for less. For example, roses are high in water content, which means that rose hydrosols can be found in higher volumes, whereas rose essential oil is more concentrated and therefore sold in lower volumes.

Hydrosols are also perfect for people who want the therapeutic effects of the essential oil in a diluted, more versatile form.

How can you use hydrosols?

Hydrosols can be used to help heal wounds, moisturize skin, clear the air, and even clean your house. They are a fantastic way to utilize the therapeutic effects that plants have to offer and they are also a gentler alternative to pure essential oil. Because theyre less concentrated than essential oils, hydrosols can be used on skin, in the air, and even around animals and children (in most cases).

Hydrosols are a refreshing alternative to essential oils, and they offer a number of plant nutrients that cant be found in essential oil.

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